Ground Covers

Manufacturer and Exporter of Ground Cover

Centenary Polytex Private Limited manufactures PP Woven Ground Covers which provides perfect solution for controlling weed growth. Ground covers are used for insect protection, frost prevention, temperature control, etc. It is 100% UV stabilized, having high tensile strength and can be last long for years. It can prevent from bacteria and ground insects at the same it gives enough space to pass water and air to the plants.

Ground Covers Technical Specification

Material: Polypropylene
Application: Agriculture Textiles
Type: Geo textile Fabric
Length: Customized

Ground Covers Unique Strength

Provide beauty to the landscape

Prevent weed growth

Prevent topsoil erosion

Permeable to air and water

Ground Covers Application

  • Indoor & outdoor use in green houses
  • Landscaping
  • Cultivation of fruits and vegetables
  • Nurseries
  • Parks, Gardens playing fields and Golf courses
  • Flower bed

Ground Covers Benefits

  • 100% Chemical free Weed control.
  • Reduces time in maintaining flower beds.
  • Plants can be potted or planted in straight lines in nurseries & farms.
  • UV stabilized so can be used multiple times.
  • Resistant to Bacteria, mildew and other ground insects.
  • Helps the soil to breathe as air and water can pass through.
  • Prevents slitting of land due to heavy rainfall.
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